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You’ve got to love a pragmatic economists view on life, leadership and the world of work.

This is a must see TED Talk for anyone who is a leader, aspires to be a leader, is a worker or is an artist.  Pretty much if you are human and hope to have a future then this is a message that you need to hear.

Its been said before that we need a new type of leader for the future (by a smart leadership chick that likes to also talk about vampire slaying lol) and the message in this clip supports it.

You’ll recognise the message, but I want to ask you.  Are you ready for this world?  And do you think the current ‘leaders’ that we have in business and society are skilled to think in a way that can create a future that maximises these challenges.  I know a few…but none that are ‘leading’ our society.

“Its time to stop creating Bills” says Andrew and start creating people who are leaders regardless of position or power.

He also mentions that artist and creatives will have a much bigger place in the future.  YAY!  This is terrific and great news for our ETI_Access Bobs (not Bills…).

Enjoy the TED Talk by Andrew McAfee.

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