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As a career and leadership coach I get to work with the most amazing people.  I’m often humbled by the wonderful things that people experience at my live events or through my online program. They provide me with amazing feedback that helps me grow and improve my programs for the next wave of new generation leaders. Please have a look at what a few of my past clients and other wonderful people I have worked with have said about working with me.

It has been my privilege to have been associated with Michelle as my mentor. She arranged for me to complete the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) Test.  Michelle provided me with a full debrief session which helped me understand my thinking style preference as well as my least preferred Quadrant.  Michelle is an effective mentor and coacher. She has been a real pleasure to work with as she has a lovely friendly personality. She has excellent people skills, and interacts well with others. She treats people with respect and understanding, she is not at all judgemental.  It is an absolute pleasure to provide Michelle with this testimonial, and I wish her success in her business and professional life. I would highly recommend her and she would be a quality mentor to any future professional. Rewadee Piemyoosuk

Human Resources Business Partner

Michelle’s passion for leadership, training & development coaching is amazing. Her workshops and coaching sessions encouraged me to acknowledge that under pressure my preferred thinking styles will come into force. Since working with her I have been amazed at how many times her feedback has been 100% spot on. The biggest thing I have taken away from leadership training is a keen understanding of the multitude of thinking styles and their impact on positive and proactive communication. Susan Bourne

Environmental Health Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on a number of engagements in relation to leadership, culture and business improvement. Michelle is very passionate around these key initiatives and worked very proactively [for her client] to make positive changes in these areas. Michelle’s persistence combined with her vast experience will ensure that the changes identified and currently being worked through in a range of people and culture initiatives will be implemented successfully. I have no hesitation recommending Michelle around these areas and look forward to continuing to work with Michelle in the future. Kym Williams

Entrepreneur and Managing DIrector BRS

“When I was new to a leadership role I worked on a number of projects with Michelle and quickly saw that I would learn a lot from her. From Michelle I learnt some great strategies and processes that previously had never come easily to me, but 4 years on I can still see aspects of my own leadership that were influenced by her methods and examples. Michelle is a person and a business woman who others can easily look up to, and I am certain that many other people will also feel that she has left a lasting impression on them as well.”

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Sandhya Burton

Community Engagement Librarian

Michelle is a very talented professional with many years of experience developing senior executive leaders. Michelle’s mentoring, coaching, training and leadership capabilities are outstanding, further her passionate pursuit for growing and supporting emerging leaders is infectious. Her expertise in leadership development and branding, in addition to organisational culture and talent management is highly valued. I highly recommend Michelle’s capabilities, leadership and value. Tyson O'Connell

General Manager Corporate Services at AG Security Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle during the introduction and implementation of the new leadership brand [initiative]. Michelle is a creative visionary who sets ‘big hairy audacious goals’ and goes about achieving them with calm conviction and dedication. Michelle’s passion for developing people is both infectious and inspirational. It is a privilege to work with Michelle and assist her to fulfill a vision! She is a great connector and wealth of knowledge and ideas. Jodie Nevid

Facilitator Coach Consultant / Leadership Culture & Life Design

[Michelle] is a visionary, a strategic thinker and as such courageous in taking risks and challenging the status quo. In addition, she has the ability to make things happen through people. She has the ability to connect with the people at the coalface as well as at senior level. Her energy is infectious. Michelle is a true people’s person yet doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Mike Schwarzer

Performance Strategist and Modellor

Praise for Essential: Bridging the Gap – Very Inspiring.  I feel like I have left today with some great essential tips an tricks!  And have learnt to remember to have fun 🙂 Alysha Brown

HR Consultant, State Government

A wonderful training workshop.  Its more like a knowledge information sharing that a traditional workshop.  Impressed by the practical examples discussed throughout. Alvin Kong

Recruitment Consultant, Self-Employed

Very informative.  Kept my engagement the whole day! Michelle was brilliant and made me feel comfortable to speak about my own experiences.  Great day and feel about the seminar. Belinda Richardson

HR Coordinator, Not For Profit Organisation

Michelle took a chance on me. She has this amazing contemporary thinking style and looks outside the square. She could see that although I didn’t have direct industry experience I had all the transferable skills that were needed for a new role that was being created as part of a restructure. She saw a capability in me that I never knew existed and not only did she make me see it too but her exceptional leadership, coaching and mentoring skills have helped me harness and build on my capabilities and help achieve some major milestones for my organisation. Michelle is highly motivated and her self-belief is infectious across a team and an organisation. She is an exceptional presenter and I always found her training and presentations to be well structured and exciting. I would highly recommend her.

Link to Award – Excellence in Risk Management

Skye Browne

Senior Coordinator Organisational Wellbeing

Michelle Holland is a person with a great passion for leading others and inspiring them to be their best. I worked with Michelle in her capacity as a coach and mentor whilst I studied for a Diploma of Management. With Michelle’s assistance I was able to work through complex issues for a successful outcome which was eventually recognised with a Certificate of High Achievement. I wish Michelle all the best for her future. Tim Starr

Coordinator Property, Local Government Organisation

I worked with Michelle for a number of years. She was responsible for organisational development, learning and development and culture management. Her ideas and enthusiasm was inspiring and fun. Her drive to challenge the status quo resulted in innovative and exciting programming. Feedback from participants indicated the leadership programming and her personal mentoring was highly valued, engaging and supported them in career development. Although I’m no longer working with her now, I still often draw on our ‘philosopher’s walks’ to inspire solutions in my work. Nicole Newton

People and Culture Manager

I’ve known Michelle for the last 5 years. During this time she has empowered and challenged me to become the best leader I can be. Her passion is contagious, her and she has an innate ability to communicate her messages with ease. Through her work, she has offered me training opportunities I would’ve never otherwise had access to. I thank Michelle for everything she’s helped me with, both professionally and personally.

Link to Emerging Leader of the Year 2012

Kim Ritter

Manager, Recreation Services

The organisation I work for had just been through a major restructure that was long and painful. I had a new role with a new boss in a different business unit that had a new General Manager. I was not coping with all the change as well as adjusting to the demands of my new role. I was fortunate enough to be offered coaching. I had several coaching sessions with Michelle. I connected with Michelle straight away. I liked Michelle’s professionalism and very personable approach. Michelle’s insights and guidance provided me with strategies to deal with the uncertainties and challenges that arose from the major organisational change. Michelle’s experience in organisational development and human resources shone through as she was able to navigate through some difficult people issues and offer practical solutions. I felt energised and very positive after each coaching session. Julie Arbon

Manager Finance

“I have known Michelle since April 2010. I have a very high regard for Michelle’s contribution to Human Resources and Organisational Development in particular. Michelle is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge, the humorous way she does it shows just how well grounded and resilient she is. ” Andries Pretorius

Executive Manager Employment Services at Community First

A BIG BIG thanks to all my amazing clients for sharing their stories and allowing me to be part of their career journey. Its been a pleasure! Michelle Holland

The Kick Ass Performance Coach

You are a true inspiration. You have an amazing knowledge of information.  Thank you for sharing. Karen Brindle

Aspiring HR Coordinator, University of SA

Michelle is an experience HR Strategic Professional and this was evident from the training course and examples given on the day. Suzanah Saha

HR Advisor, Defence Industry

Praise for Essential: Bridging the Gap – I have never been so engaged in a training session.  I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the session and learnt a lot.  If you are in HR this training is for you! Alice Brooks

HR Coordinator, Legal Firm

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