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Michelle Holland is not just an advocate for change; she is a catalyst for creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces. Her journey as an undiagnosed individual with ADHD in the corporate world has shaped her mission: to transform the traditional workplace into an environment that embraces neurodiversity and neuroinclusion. Understanding firsthand the challenges posed by conventional work settings, Michelle is dedicated to reshaping the ‘experience of work’ to be more accommodating and enriching for everyone, regardless of neurological makeup.

As the Director and Founder of SynergyIQ, Michelle leads with innovation at the heart of organisational transformation. Her approach is grounded in over twenty years of experience in guiding some of the globe’s most prominent companies through significant cultural, workforce, and performance shifts. Michelle’s expertise lies in her ability to foster environments that not only achieve business results but also cultivate workplaces people are passionate about.

An esteemed author, Michelle has contributed significantly to the discourse on leadership and organisational culture with four published works, including her latest, “Imperfect Leadership: Say Goodbye to Burnout and Self-Doubt,” and the internationally acclaimed “Culture Inc: Create a Business That Gets Results and People Love.” Her insights about neurodiversity at work are sought after for their profound impact on innovation, leadership, and the evolving landscape of work culture.

Michelle’s qualifications are as diverse as her expertise, being a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator (having worked with Dr. Brené Brown), an accredited Culture Profiler, and a Doctorate candidate researching the intersection of Business Leadership and Neurodiversity. Her dedication to lifelong learning and development ensures her work remains relevant and impactful.

Her global perspective is informed by her work with clients ranging from BHP and BAE to the University of Adelaide and the Australian Federal Government, highlighting her versatility and ability to drive change across various industries. Based in South Australia, Michelle’s life outside of work is filled with family, two spirited dogs, and an affinity for Marvel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter that keeps her grounded and connected to the imaginative and transformative power of storytelling.

Michelle Holland is more than a speaker, consultant, or workshop leader; she is a visionary committed to making work better for everyone. To learn more about how she can inspire and transform your organisation, reach out at admin@synergyiq.com.au.

Professional Memberships and Notable Achievements

Qualifications and Accrediations

  • Doctorate of Business Leadership (underway)
  • Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management
  • Graduate Certificate of Ethics and Legal Studies
  • Certificate in Neuroscience
  • Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting
  • Diploma of Management and Leadership
  • Governor’s Leadership Foundation (FGLF13)
  • Certified APMG Change Management Practitioner
  • Accredited Organisational Culture Inventory (Culture Diagnosis)
  • Accredited Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (Business Effectiveness Diagnosis)
  • Accredited Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (Thinking Styles Diagnosis)
  • Accredited Lifestyle Inventory (Leadership Style Diagnosis)
  • Accredited Group Styles Inventory (Team Working Diagnosis)


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