Michelle Holland turns challenges into strengths, leading the charge for a workplace where everyone belongs. Her own story proves that understanding and valuing differences is key to better leadership and innovation at work.

About Michelle…

Imagine navigating the maze of corporate leadership, spearheading transformative change, all while wrestling with the invisible challenges of undiagnosed ADHD. This is the powerful and inspiring journey of Michelle Holland, a distinguished keynote speaker whose personal and professional life embodies resilience, innovation, and a profound commitment to inclusivity. Michelle’s story is not just about overcoming adversity; it’s about redefining the landscape of work to embrace and celebrate neurodiversity.

With an unwavering mission fuelled by her own lived experiences, Michelle has emerged as a leader in advocating for neuroinclusive workplaces. Her insights are grounded in a lifetime spent navigating the high stakes world of corporate leadership with undiagnosed ADHD, an experience that has endowed her with a unique empathy and a deep understanding of the need for diverse thinking in business.

As the Director and Founder of SynergyIQ, Michelle has not only led her company but also guided numerous organisations across the globe towards embracing change and fostering a culture that values every individual’s contribution. Her speaking engagements, particularly live, offer a compelling, authentic connection that resonates deeply with audiences. From the boardrooms of BAE in the UK to the stages of the International Public Works Conference in Adelaide and EOS Germany Online, Michelle brings a palpable energy and insight that can only be delivered by someone who has lived through the very challenges she seeks to address.

Currently, Michelle is pursuing a Doctorate that explores the intersection of Business Leadership and Neurodiversity, further cementing her expertise and passion for creating inclusive environments where every individual can flourish. This academic pursuit not only enriches her understanding but also elevates the depth of knowledge and actionable strategies she brings to every speaking engagement.

For those organising conferences and seeking a speaker who can not only inspire but also connect on a deeply human level, Michelle Holland offers an unmatched perspective. Her talks go beyond traditional keynote speeches, offering a journey into the heart of leadership, resilience, and the transformative power of embracing neurodiversity. Her story, expertise, and mission make her an invaluable addition to any event aiming to challenge, educate, and inspire its attendees.

To engage with a speaker whose life and work challenge the status quo and inspire a more inclusive future, consider Michelle Holland for your next event. Her voice is not just a call for change; it’s a beacon for innovation, understanding, and the boundless potential of embracing all minds in the workplace. For inquiries, please contact admin@synergyiq.com.au.

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Michelle’s Signature Keynotes…

What you know about culture is stopping you from making change.

Time is an unrenewable resource, so it’s no surprise that we consistently look for easy solutions to complex problems. Unfortunately, the easy solution is usually what stops the change from occurring.

Myths at Work takes you on an enjoyable, evidence-based, exploratory journey to discover the myths at work that we believe, why we believe them, and how they are stopping us from making the changes we need to make. Michelle will provide an alternative way of addressing your ‘culture’ that provides practical solutions to complex problems.

Use stories to change your culture and create a better workplace experience.

Joseph Campbell discovered that stories across time and cultures have a common thread and that the human experience is guided, not just narrated, by its stories. We have created stories, myths and legends in workplaces that guide our work and decisions.

Stories that Work uses insights from great storytellers and narrators to provide an effective and engaging way of creating a new experience at work. As an author of four books, including the bestseller Culture Inc, Michelle combines expertise in culture change with her ability to weave a story to give your audiences a new and effective way of engaging their people and customers.

There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza…. starts the popular nursery Rhyme, and just like poor Henry, who can’t find a solution to his leaky bucket, leaders in workplaces around the country can’t find a solution to their “leaky bucket”, ie: – their workforce churn.

Much to the delight of recruitment firms everywhere, companies continue to recruit new people to fill the gaps in their workforce; however, if your workplace experience is lacking… they won’t stay, and the leak will continue. How much time, energy, money and effort are you wasting trying to fill a leaky bucket?

Magnetise Your Workplace gives your audience an understanding of the impact of their workplace experience and culture on their ability to retain great-quality people and gives them tools to keep great people and have others lined up at their door. Want to stop the workforce churn? Let’s fix the bucket, dear Henry.

Ex + Lx = Cx

Learn the formula that converts your culture into a great customer experience.

Ever wondered if there’s a hidden link between the challenges of keeping your star team members and ensuring repeat business from satisfied customers? You’re onto something!

In this keynote, we’re diving deeper than “Casual Day Fridays”. We’re exploring the profound relationship between a thriving workplace culture and sustained customer loyalty.

Instead of isolated challenges, see them as interconnected opportunities. With a fresh perspective on business culture, we’ll explore actionable insights that can redefine how your team operates and how your customers perceive you.

Join us for a deep dive into a new conversation about customer experience. It’s not just about better service—it’s about understanding the core of how that experience is built.

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Here are some places where you may have seen/heard me speak:

Live and In Person (Conferences/Networks):

  • IPWEA International Public Works Conference (Adelaide)
  • ALGFM Conference
  • People2People (Melbourne, Adelaide, & Brisbane)
  • NAWIC, SA Chapter Network Event (Adelaide)
  • MSD – Leaders Forum (Sydney)
  • AACQA – Leaders Forum (Sydney)
  • PMI SA Chapter (Adelaide)
  • LAST Conference (Adelaide)
  • Women in Leadership Conference (Adelaide)
  • AHRI SA Network Events (Adelaide)
  • Sass Entrepreneur Summit (Adelaide)
  • EAPA Summit (Sydney Australia)
  • Rotary Club
  • Workforce Planning in Government Conference (Sydney & Canberra Australia)
  • Lions Club International Convention – Adelaide Hilton Australia

Live and Online (Keynotes)

  • SA Public Sector, Manager Essentials Launch (live online keynote)
  • BAE, UK (live online)
  • EOS, Germany/US (live online)
  • Australian Schools Network (live online)
  • People2People (live online)
  • BAE – National Change Community (live online)

Podcasts and Interviews

  • Made for More (Podcast)
  • Creating Synergy (Podcast)
  • Get Invested (Podcast)
  • Be the Drop (Podcast)

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      “I work with entrepreneurs and female change makers what are working hard to create businesses that deliver results and that their customers and employee love. One thing I know for sure is that business culture and leadership ability is critical to their success. Michelle shared her expertise in these areas with participants at our SASS Summit. Our participants valued her presentation and I’m thrilled that she is sharing this expertise more broadly through her books.”
      Carly Thompson-Barry

      Founder and Director, SASS Collective and She Nurtures

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