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Michelle is an author, speaker and coach/consultant. Michelle is candid and a realist when sharing her exhilarating and exhausting journey from constricted employee to creative entrepreneur in her “Slayer” book series. Embodying the strength of the slayer from her first book, she has created a beautiful life from the broken pieces of her journey.

In Michelle’s upcoming book “Culture Inc, Create a business that delivers results and people love” she has taken her 20 years of extensive experience in business transformation and put it into an easy to read and practical guide for business leaders.

Grow your personal and professional leadership through the “Slayer” series, and grow your business through her “Culture” series.

The Slayer Series…

Energy Vampires Suck (The Slayer Codex Vol1)

Have you ever marvelled at why, after a tragedy, some people become emotionally stronger, while others become weaker?  Have you ever felt strong one day and lost in the darkness the next? Do you sabotage your own efforts and then achieved feats that surprised you? The human mind has the power to heal us, and also to harm us.

Told as a modern fable from the point of view of the Slayer, this book gives you practical advice on how to light up your inner wisdom and strength to propel you towards a life of creativity, meaning and purpose.

Unleash your slayer from within.


Unearthing Vampires (The Slayer Codex vol2)

Vampires are sneaky little creatures. They hide in every nook and cranny of your life. From the people at work, to the friends and family that you love, to the nasty little skeleton vampires that are in your closet, and in your head.

Having a strong slayer is the only way to keep those vampires at bay. Before you have a chance to slay (or save), first you need to be able to identify them.

This book gives you an easy to follow guide for spotting the vampires in your life and shows you how to either save, or slay, that vampire.

Unearth the vampires in your life, and say farewell.

Companion Guide Available in PDF e-Book, BUY NOW

The Culture Series…

I am responsible for the largest employer in SA and so I know how important culture and leadership are in creating lasting and quality outcomes for the community. I’m thrilled that Michelle is sharing her years of experience and her extensive knowledge of culture in this book.

Erma Ranieri

Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

Stop wasting time and money on ineffectual culture and leadership programs and discover the smart way to transform your business once and for all.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • Why so many culture and leadership programs fail and how you can stop it from happening to you.
  • The big mistakes managers make that cause great people to leave
  • The untold secrets of businesses with high performing cultures.
  • How to become the employer of choice for your perfect team.
  • How high performing and engaged people keep customers coming back.
  • Why culture really does eat strategy for breakfast.

AND…Why you need to stop making excuses and manage your culture now,  before it’s too late.

Book will be published by Global Publishing Group, early 2018 and available in bookstores, Amazon, and through the Author.