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Michelle is an author, speaker and coach and one of Australia’s most engaging and thought provoking experts on creativity, culture and leadership. Michelle knows first hand the challenges and rewards of blending a creative life and a business life. She helps thousands of people through talks, training and coaching to enjoy a life that they create on their terms.

Michelle is candid and a realist when sharing her exhilarating and exhausting journey from constricted employee to creative entrepreneur. Embodying the strength of the slayer from her first book, she has created a beautiful life from the broken pieces of her journey.

Energy Vampires Suck (The Slayer Codex Vol1)

Have you ever marvelled at why, after a tragedy, some people become emotionally stronger, while others become weaker?  Have you ever felt strong one day and lost in the darkness the next? Do you sabotage your own efforts and then achieved feats that surprised you? The human mind has the power to heal us, and also to harm us.

Told as a modern fable from the point of view of the Slayer, this book gives you practical advice on how to light up your inner wisdom and strength to propel you towards a life of creativity, meaning and purpose.

Unleash your slayer from within.


Unearthing Vampires (The Slayer Codex vol2) coming soon

Vampires are sneaky little creatures. They hide in every nook and cranny of your life. From the people at work, to the friends and family that you love, to the nasty little skeleton vampires that are in your closet, and in your head.

Having a strong slayer is the only way to keep those vampires at bay. Before you have a chance to slay (or save), first you need to be able to identify them.

This book gives you an easy to follow guide for spotting the vampires in your life and shows you how to either save, or slay, that vampire.

Unearth the vampires in your life, and say farewell.

Coming soon….