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Are you an organised person?

Not me.

I’m just not wired for organisation. My brain doesn’t work that way. I’m wired for creative thinking.

That’s cool with me because I accept my weakness and play to my strengths.

The problem is, the world is set up for organised brains. And I need to live in this world. #creativeunorganisedbrainsunite

So this month I’ve been on a mission to find organising tools that can support my weakness. Here are my four favourites.

1. Organise fitness – trying to find time to get to the gym has proven fruitless. So I’ve brought the gym to me. This way I can exercise and research, read or watch a great TED talk at the same time (or indulge in a vampire movie).

2. Organise thoughts – so many ideas rumbling around in my brain. So many projects on the go. So I’ve discovered Evernote an organising software program – totally in love with the web clipping function.

3. Organise work – a new whiteboard. Those that know me know that I love a whiteboard. I saw this one at a client’s office and had to have one. Creative planning and working away!

4. Organise Nutrition – with so little time I have had a tendency to grab take out or miss meals altogether, with my health and my waist-line taking a hit because of it. So I’ve gotten into a bi-weekly Sunday cook up. Casseroles, currys, rice, chicken and sweet potato are my favs to freeze. Along with breakfast muffins (gluten free and full of veg) – yum and quick.

Not sure which one I love the most 🙂

#creativeminds need #organisingtools

Don’t stress about your weaknesses. Find ways to manage them so you can focus on your strengths.


Michelle is a culture and leadership specialist, who is an accredited practitioner for the WholeBrain Thinking Profile. If you are curious to learn more about thinking styles and the way your preferences determine the way you live your life, get in touch. The HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Profile is a great way to introduce your team to a new way of working.

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