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I’m angry.

Not in the ‘throw something across the room’ kind of way. More in the ‘mum being disappointed with me’ sad kind of angry.

Maybe I’m sad….nope there’s definitely anger there.

Here’s what I’m angry about.

People wandering through life not giving a shit about being a success or worse blaming something for their lack of success.

Not that everyone has to be a ‘change the world, make tonnes of money and be the best ever’ kind of person.  Just a successful human. That adds value to the place. I mean why be here if you’re not adding value to someone or something. What’s the point?

So my ‘angry’ comes when I look around and see so many people just walking blindly though life. It scares me when I see the wasted time, energy and money resources with so many people not truly living.

And I see them everywhere.

They wake up in a house that they are paying a big bank for, get dressed in clothes that their credit card bought, have a quick breakfast, jump in the car (that the finance company owns) and head off to work … this is where it gets really scary…

They talk to themselves all the way there <sigh> ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I don’t want to go to work it’s boring’ or worse they are not thinking at all because they are listening to some ridiculous lowbrow crap the some radio announcer has decided is funny.

Then they get to work. Start ticking off the stuff on their list from yesterday. Add more things to the list for tomorrow. Have a couple of conversations about “did you hear what grace said on the latest reality show on TV?” last night, and then back to the job until 4:55 pm rolls around and they pack up and head out the door at 5pm. Back to the car to think about how much they are glad the day is over or they don’t think at all, listening again to the afternoon radio announcer talk about the same thing that the morning announcer said.

They get home put their comfy clothes on (that bit I’m ok with) turn on the TV (for some noise/company) and make dinner. Eat in front of the TV watching whatever commercialised crud that happens to be on at the time and then zombie out for 2 or 3 hours in front of the TV (because they deserve some down time after a hard day of hating their job) and then head to bed.

They have 7-8 hours sleep, the alarm goes off and they get up and start all over again. They wait for the weekend so they can get rid of the pesky work bit just to replace it with something else that doesn’t improve their life like more TV.

THEN they complain about life and wonder why they aren’t making more money, they aren’t moving up in their career, they haven’t got more friends, they don’t live in the city they want to, they aren’t as fit as they want to be, they don’t have they fun they want to….because they are so busy. That’s what they tell themselves. They are busy! That’s why they can’t volunteer or make new friends or do anything meaningful. They are busy.

And they are right… They are busy filling their life with stuff so they can avoid truly living. Because really living is messy, scary and hard and they don’t want that. They want track pants, Sara Lee and Game of Thrones.

I’m not saying the odd day here or there to chill out, relax, zombie out if needed is not ok….in fact I’m a huge advocate for what I call a “reboot day”. Shut down, zone out and reboot so you can come back stronger than before.

But everyday people? Come on!

So I’m letting go of my angry because this is not the world I want to be focused on. I left that world about 10 years ago and have never looked back.

And it’s ok that they are out there, because they are NOT my kind of people. So I’m able to put my anger to the side and live my life.

You however, ARE my kind of people.

You, who is try to live their life with purpose. Who puts meaning into their day through reading blogs, helping others, working hard to make change, working to find the fun in life, not putting up with crappy jobs, who wants more from their day to day. Who wants more THAN their day to day.

You are someone that happily sits with others for hours just because they are amazing and you learn from their interaction. You talk about ideas that you have and the crazy things that are happening around the world.

You wonder about your future and how you can make your part of the world a better place. You want to be a great person inside and out.

You are one of those ‘crazy ones’ that Steve Jobs spoke about.

There is too much “going through the motions” happening with other people. It’s easy to get wrapped up in only seeing that kind of life. Thinking you’re odd because you constantly see the 90% of people who wander through life just ‘doing things’ waiting until they die.

It’s harder to see the other 10% through the haze of apathy.

But I see you. I see that you’re making a difference and you are working hard to live life as something meaningful and beautiful.

And you will because you’ve chosen to.

I thank goodness for people like you because you take my angry away and replace it with joy and hope.

You are a small percentage of the world, but you are the essential part!

So stay strong and live and lead with purpose.

Michelle x


PS: I will soon be opening the doors to a new LIVE event that will change the future of business and HR forever.  Screw those other conferences where you get lost in the crowd and can’t meet the presenters.  Nope this is different, better, because its built for people life you.  This is all about disruption and collaboration, not just information!We’re in this together so let’s make the future better.

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