Michelle is an author, speaker and coach and one of Australia’s most engaging and thought provoking experts on creativity, culture and leadership. She helps thousands of people through talks, training and coaching to create a life and business they love.

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Michelle is an author, speaker and coach and one of Australia’s most engaging and thought provoking experts on creativity, culture and leadership. Michelle knows first hand the challenges and rewards of blending a creative life and a business life. She helps thousands of people through talks, training and coaching to create a life and business that they create on their terms.

Michelle has been bringing creativity, culture and leadership into the workplace for well over 15 years and teaching business leaders how to create a culture that gives them a business and life that is prosperous. She runs a creative leadership and culture consulting business, and has founded a software company with her partner in business and life, that empowers educators in the arts.

Michelle is candid and a realist when sharing her exhilarating and exhausting journey from constricted employee to creative entrepreneur. Known for her creative, curious and future focused mind, she is an often quirky, sometimes funny and always engaging speaker and trainer. Participants laugh, are challenged to think and explore culture, leadership and creativity as a way of improving their world, and not as a distraction from it.

Though stories, experiences and evidence, Michelle takes her audience on a journey with her to explore how they too can embody the power of the slayer (inner resilience) to create amazing things in their lives and businesses.

Michelle is a member of the new generation of speakers and authors who give generously to their audience and maintain relevance through continual research and development. Each presentation is a bit different, because as Michelle learns and grows, so does her ability to provide a unique look at the world through the creative and curious eyes of a creative entrepreneur.

Her soon to be released book, The Slayer Codex Vol1: Unleash the Slayer Within, helps people to light the fire in their belly and have the life that they want.

 Book Michelle – info@michelletholland.com

My Topics…

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Energy Vampires Suck - Light the fire within and take back your life!

Light the fire in your belly and create a life you love

The human mind is powerful.  It has the capacity to be a healer and it can be a destroyer. We have the ability within us to be successful, yet many people do not fulfil their potential. Why is that?

Why do some people rise from the ashes of disaster stronger and more powerful than before? Why do so many people fail to find their purpose? Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we succeed? These questions and more are explored through the tale of the three selves, the human, the slayer and the vampire.

Discover how to create a resilience that is fierce enough to protect you during difficult times, and a strength that is powerful enough to propel you towards your mission. A journey of female empowerment, with a twist of the shadow.

Based on Michelle’s Book “Energy Vampires Suck” currently available on Amazon, Kindle and at www.theslayercodex.com.

Unleash your inner strength, creativity and wisdom, to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Success: Creating a Results Focused Culture

Create the culture you need for the success that you want

What if you and your employees could be at least 35% more satisfied and happy at work? AND what if these happy, satisfied people actually deliver 30-40% more profit and productivity to your business? Would you be curious to find out how? Current research is showing that having the right kind of culture in your business delivers these kinds of results and more. It also shows that the culture you have, is because of the results that you accept. So if you want better results, you need the right kind of culture.

So what is the right kind of culture I hear you ask? What a great question!

Through years of research, trial and error, and experience working with business leaders across Australia, Michelle has discovered the four essential elements to creating cultures where success, satisfaction and sustainability happens.

Key takeaways:

  • the key mistakes business leaders make that kill their success
  • the four key elements of a culture that creates success
  • the role of the business leader in making their life and business one they are happy with

Michelle takes the audience on a journey from the bad to good to great in culture transformation. Sharing current research, case studies, and evidence she demonstrates the fundamental links between culture, success, results and leadership.

A High Performance Culture Starts with You

Your culture starts before your business does

Many of Michelle’s clients say to her, “I wish I met you before I started my business!” Well you are in luck. This talk explores what it takes to create a successful business by setting up a successful culture from day one. Culture starts before you register the name for your business. Specifically created for new or early entrepreneurs to provide them with the fundamental knowledge and skills so they can set the culture that they need for the success that they want, from day one.

Key takeaways:

  • fundamental principles of creating a great culture
  • mistakes every new entrepreneur makes, and how to avoid them
  • how to implement an integrated business model that works for your success

Michelle is a successful entrepreneur who founded and runs a successful boutique consultancy firm, and has co-founded two businesses with her partner, including a music school, and a software company that supports creative people to run their businesses.

The SuperLeader Exposed
Curing The SuperLeader Syndrome: How to Succeed at Leadership by Being Perfectly Imperfect 

“You will always fail when you are trying to be a perfect leader, you are a human after all.” Said my mentor. After a particularly challenging week trying to be everything to everyone I was ready to give up. This was the beginning of my journey to embrace imperfect leadership.

Imagine a world where people are able to give their best every day and reach their full potential. A world where we leverage strengths so that our leaders can be inspiring, caring and successful. Sadly, we have created a world where our good leaders feel they are failing because they are not great. They look at the textbook leader and can’t see themselves in it but work themselves to exhaustion trying to meet this perfect yet unrealistic view of leadership. This talk explores the phenomenon of working extremely hard, compromising our wellbeing, and trying to be the perfect leader only to fail. I call this The SuperLeader Syndrome.

Key takeaways:

  • where the SuperLeader came from (history of leadership)
  • identifying the symptoms (negative consequences affecting leader’s lives)
  • finding the cure for the SuperLeader Syndrome (how you can change your view of leadership and get better outcomes for yourself and others)

This talk is based on my personal leadership journey, and a book I am researching and writing, due for release in 2018.

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Here are some places where you may have seen me speak:

  • Sass Summit – Adelaide Convention Centre January 2017 – Creating a Performance `Culture for Entrepreneurs
  • MTA SA Expo – Adelaide SA September 2106 – Learning Styles
  • Exploring Great Music Education Conference 2016 – Adelaide, SA – Reading Minds to Improve Engagement
  • EAPA Summit 2015 – Double Bay, Sydney Australia – Topsy Turvy Leadership – Unleash the SLAYER Within
  • Rotary Club Young Professionals Group 2015 – Salisbury SA – Creating a Personal Leadership Brand for Success
  • LG Professionals Group 2015 – Holdfast Bay SA – Is Your Online Presence Killing Your Chances of Success?
  • AHRI Young Professionals Network 2015 – Adelaide SA – Colour By Numbers….Networking Made Easy and FUN!
  • Lions Club International Convention 2014 – Adelaide Hilton Australia – Put the PR in PRoductive – Spreading the Word
  • LGMA Women’s Conference 2013 – Adelaide Festival Centre Australia – Maintaining Resilience Through Change
  • LGMA Women’s Networking Forums 2013 – Adelaide and Rural – Examining Change and its Impact on You and Your Organisation
  • Akolade Conference – 2nd Annual HR Measurements and Analytics 2013, Adelaide Stamford – Evolution of Organisational Excellence
  • Workforce Planning in Government 2012 – Canberra Australia – Wellbeing @ Work – Keynote
  • Workforce Planning in Government 2012 – Canberra Australia – Planning for Success – Workforce Planning Masterclass
  • Australian Human Resources Institute 2012 & 2013 – Demystifying Workforce Planning & The Leading Edge – Leadership Branding
  • College of Organisational Psychologist 2012 – Adelaide Australia – The Leading Edge – Leadership Branding
  • Workforce Planning in Government 2011 – Sydney Australia – Leadership Branding Keynote
  • University of SA – Leadership Programs, Women in Business, HR Forums
  • Local Government (2010-2013) – Leadership, and Culture Forums.

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The Slayer Codex Vol1: Unleash the Slayer Within

Released October 2016 – Pre-purchase the eBook here

Told as a modern fable from the point of view of the Slayer, this book gives you practical advice on how to fire up your inner wisdom and strength to propel you towards a life of creativity, meaning and purpose. A book of female empowerment with a twist.

The Slayer Codex Vol2: Unearthing the Vampires

Released December 2016

The companion to Unleash the Slayer Within. Once you have released the slayer you need to know who’s who in the vampire club. This companion book provides a description of who the vampires are and how you can save, or slay, them.