Transforming Culture and Leadership Into Sustainable Results

Michelle works with business through her consultancy 'Transforming Culture and Leadership'

Transforming Culture and Leadership is a boutique consultancy firm that helps business leaders transform culture and leadership into sustainable business results. We use an integrated approach to ensure that you are not wasting time and money on ‘programs’ without the real results. We analyse your current business, culture and leadership and provide a recommendation for your business. Unlike many consultancies, there are no ‘one size fits all’ approaches here. If you are ready to transform your business and finally get real results, give us a call.

Really serious about culture transformation? Talk to Michelle about the Human Synergistics integrated model of diagnostics and design for culture transformation. Accredited Practitioner in Human Synergysitics – LSI (Leadership 360 and Coaching), GSI (Group/Team Culture), OCI (Culture diagnostics), and OEI (Business systems diagnostics). Here’s a brief video on the OCI/OEI diagnostic tool:
Curious about how your people think? Would you like to implement more creative thinking and behaving into your projects? Would you like your people to understand each other better? Speak to Michelle about the HBDI approach to thinking to success. Business success becomes impossible without the right thinking, actions and behaviours. Talk with Michelle about how the HBDI profiling tool could help you increase business performance and productivity. Watch a short video about the HBDI (WholeBrain Thinking) Tool:

Creative Culture | Productivity, Performance and People

Manager and Leadership Coaching | One on One or in Groups


I work with a select group of individuals one on one. My style of coaching focuses on personal and professional leadership. IE: helping individuals get the most out of their life, work relationships and career.   I focus on practical and real outcomes that can be achieved by you.


FutureMinds@Work | Mastering the WholeBrain


FutureMinds@Work is a Leadership Coaching Program for businesses that want something different.  You are future focused and know the future is going to throw things at you that your people may not be ready for.  FutureProof your business by creating “FutureMinds@Work“.


Freelance Consulting Services

Michelle is a freelance consulting specialist.  Your consulting, coaching or training needs are assessed and Michelle provides you with a service that will take you from current state to future state.  Specialising in big thinking, scenario planning, systems analysis and business excellence, culture analysis and transformation, strategy, and leadership.


Having Trouble Deciding? Contact Michelle directly and she'll assist you to choose.

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