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Michelle T Holland, Governor of South Australia and Jana Matthews

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

What do you do when the Governor of South Australia asks you to attend a luncheon at Government House to celebrate the achievements of a visiting Innovation guru from the US?

You find a suitable dress, and you high tail it over there.

The afternoon was an amazing experience for me. Meeting the Governor for the second time I was able to gain an understanding of his thoughts and views about the direction that SA was heading in. Particularly in the area of business and leadership.

Jana Matthews, who was visiting from the US provided lively conversation and great insight into innovation in Australia. Her work in the area of innovation and business growth is riveting.

Innovation is essential for success and feel very grateful to have experienced the wisdom of this great woman first hand.


About the Author: Michelle is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach and one of Australia’s most engaging and thought provoking experts on creativity, culture and leadership. She helps business leaders to get real results from culture and leadership that effect the bottom line.

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