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Did you know that there are about 26,000 people who type “I hate my job” into google every month.

26,000 people each month that hate their job so much that they are reaching out to the universe (through google) for help.

26,000 people every month that are turning up to offices, building sites, venues, gardens, workplace and feeling overwhelmed with sadness and despair.

26,000 people every month are waking up on a Monday morning with anxiety or a sick belly because they have to take themselves to a place that they hate.

26,000 people every month that feel trapped because they are living for someone else, or something else…like a mortgage.

26,000 people that are sacrificing their happiness for money.

26,000 people who are not following their passion.

26,000 people living for 2 days out of every 7.  Or to put it another way, enjoying only 9,000 days of their life….out of a possible 32,000! (NB: if you live to 90)

26,000 people who are waiting for something to change so that they can be happy.  Waiting for that next job.  Waiting for the next holiday.  Waiting for the next coffee with a friend so they can escape for 1 hour.

26,000 people being miserable … because of the way they have chosen to live.

26,000 people who are choosing the fear of not having an income over their happiness.

Money over happiness.

26,000 people who are accepting unhappiness as part of their life.

I used to be one of the 26,000.   And then I chose not to be.

What choice are you making?


Michelle is a success and leadership specialist who works with professionals and future focused leaders who want to get real results and live & lead with purpose. You can find out more about Michelle at and contact her at

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