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I follow this awesome group on social media called “The Entourage”.  They provide innovative education and events for entrepreneurs and promote themselves as being disruptive to the business world…  and they are really good at it.

As an entrepreneur who is on a pathway to disrupt the world of HR and Leadership I watch everything they do with interest.  I love seeing their passion and drive translate into a successful business.

I was perusing their latest newsletter and was interested when I saw that they were hiring.  I enjoy checking out the recruitment and workforce practices with really innovative companies so I took a look.

Sadly, the recruitment post left me a little disappointed.

For an innovative, disruptive company the recruitment was same old same old.  Full-time or nothing.  10 positions and all advertised as full-time. Bummer.

Now I’m sure that if someone ballsy and confident rang up the business and asked would they consider part-time or a flexible work option, that they would talk with them about it.   They are that kind of business.

I guess this is why I was surprised.  I mean they encourage people to be entrepreneurs yet they aren’t offering part-time or flexible positions?  I would think the type of employee who is attracted to this kind of business is entrepreneurial themselves…perhaps setting up a business on the side…

I’m not having a go at The Entourage, as I said I love their work.  It just highlighted again to me how far our thinking is away from being innovative in workplace practice if even a company known for innovation and disruption is designing a traditional workforce.

This is so common in business that to many they wouldn’t notice or perhaps wouldn’t care.  But when you are one of the many people that have a preference for working less than full-time its as noticeable as the proverbials on a dog.  The reasons for part-time are varied from parenting to studying to starting a business to wanting to travel the world.  No longer is the world of part-time only for the ‘return to work mum’.  And no longer can we only offer interesting and senior positions in a full-time capacity.

Unfortunately this is only one of the many barriers to flexible working.  The assumption that everyone wants full-time work or that in some way ‘full-time’ is better for the workplace seems prevalent in traditional thinking.

We still have a long way to go in the world of work and business.  I believe to truly be innovative and entrepreneurial then business leaders need to be a hell of a lot more flexible and innovative with their workforce…ON PURPOSE…not just because a forward thinking, ballsy, confident person calls them on it.

Time for change.  Time for entrepreneurial, agile and innovative workforce management.  Time for a new way of thinking about workforce management.  Time for disruption.

Michelle is a success and leadership coach who works with HR professionals and future focused leaders who want to get real results and live & lead with purpose. You can find out more about Michelle at

Michelle is a professional speaker who delights conference goers with her tales of vampire slaying and other crazy happenings in leadership…

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