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So many of you that have been playing along know that I’ve been writing a book about “leadership at all levels and leading without permission” for about 6 months.

I’ve been writing and rewriting and have finally nailed my system and my voice…authors of the world rejoice!  Its a labour of love and I’ve decided to share a little extract of my work in progress to date.

Be kind 🙂

Extract from the Book “Slayer Codex VOL1: Unleash the SLAYER Within © Michelle Holland

Like many young people I grew up reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, putting ‘Blade’ on at night when I wasn’t supposed to watch scary movies, and without fail watching every episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ on TV.  I even now sneak a guilty peak at ‘The Vampire Diaries’.  I guess the writers of these shows discovered the same thing that I did a few years ago.  Vampires are real.

Particularly Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy and Angel.  I’ve always loved those shows and the messages that they provide.  Now when I look back on them after learning the things that I now know to be true…. I can’t believe how close to the truth he got.  I suspect that Joss is actually a Slayer himself.  I’ve seen interviews with him and the things he says, well…you can just tell that he knows the truth.

Tuesday the 14 March…the day I discovered that vampires were real and that I was a vampire slayer. This date is etched into my brain as the day that my suspicions about vampires were confirmed. It was 9:12 pm when I received the call from my boss to come to the boardroom.  It was a normal Tuesday evening. It was cool outside. I could see from my office window. Not too cool though. No just one of those “average everyday” kind of days.

I was working back as I generally did.   I worked in one of those offices that expected people to get in early and stay late.   I generally tried to leave at about 7 pm each night but many days it was 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm before I managed to escape.   I was a hard worker and I took pride in my work.  The people in the office had come to regard me as next in line for a promotion.   I knew that wasn’t true though, I knew that I wasn’t the kind of worker that got promoted in that type of office environment. 

*Book is due for release later in 2015.  Keep following my journey by clicking the follow button above and I’ll post another extract soon.

Michelle is a success and leadership coach who works with HR professionals and future focused leaders who want to get real results and live & lead with purpose. You can find out more about Michelle at

Michelle is a professional speaker who delights conference goers with her tales of vampire slaying and other crazy happenings in leadership…

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