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It’s the first day at that shiny new job. You woke up early, taking extra time to meticulously groom yourself before donning your new outfit. Not too business, not too casual, the right fit that has been impatiently waiting, laid out since the night before. Setting off with pep in your step, ready for the adventure that lies ahead, you know that this job is what you have been striving so hard for. Sure, there are the necessary formalities of the first day, but then you finally get the chance to show your worth!

Sadly many jobs and organisations don’t live up to your expectations. Why is that do you think?

When you’ve read a lot of books and blogs about leadership. When you invest in personal and professional growth. When you challenge yourself to rise above your peers. It can be difficult to accept that not all businesses and not all leaders are created equal.

By equipping yourself with the right tools you are setting yourself up for future success. Success will come much quicker than if you had not invested the time preparing. Now, in a world where we can answer questions by asking Google, we have been trained to expect instant results. We look for the same in our professional lives.

Promotions, raises, outside opportunities – any career step still takes time. Technology has evolved the speed at which we are acquiring many things. Trust, loyalty, relationships, and a network, however, all need to be built the old fashion way. Sure, we have tools that make it easier. Your LinkedIn account keeps your network at your finger tips… but it still takes time to engage in a meaningful way.

Realize it or not, every time you make a career move it is necessary to prove yourself all over again. Even with the best credentials, highest recommendation, and results that put your last company on the map… you still have to prove yourself.

The important thing is not to become discouraged. Manage your expectations and realize that you’re not going to achieve the results you are looking for over night. If you can, then you’re selling yourself short.  “If you are the smartest person in the room…you’re in the wrong room.”

Great expectations require commitment. Perseverance is what is going to set you apart from everyone else. While others are willing to settle and take the easy route, you are going to stick with it.

And be a realist. Its great to have big dreams and big expectations but if no one can meet them you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Managing expectations is all about future proofing your success and outcomes.

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Michelle is a success and leadership coach who works with HR professionals and business leaders who want to get real results and live & lead with purpose.  You can find out more about Michelle at
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