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I’ve overheard plenty of recent talk about feminism given it was International Women’s Day last week. Ie: its goes something like…”oh, why do we still need to draw attention to this? I’m a women and I’ve got every opportunity to get a good job if I want it.” or “Marisa Myer heads up Yahoo! – see women do become CEOs of big companies.” or “Men have it tough too you know. I’m a man and I don’t get an international day to celebrate me.”

Now I could wax lyrical about this for days and days… but I’m going to drift into an alternative discussion for a moment.

I have been researching the field of Human Resources and gathering stats. I’m a little bit of a stats nerd so don’t feel bad for me.

What I’ve discovered is interesting and in need of further exploration.

Many years ago all of the Senior level positions in business were men. This is no surprise and obvious when you look at the stats of the past. We all know this. Around 35 years ago women began to make their mark in business and started moving into higher level positions. Yay for feminism…

Now the HR Manager was no different than the Finance Manager or the IT Manager in that many men held the positions until the change of guard began to occur.

Interestingly, Human Resources is now seen as a female dominated profession. And the stats don’t lie. The ABS shows that in Australia there is a 3:2 ratio female to male in HR Manager positions.

Ok, so? This isn’t interesting….

True…what is interesting is when you start looking at this compared to other like management positions. I chose other corporate services roles, e.g.: finance, marketing, sales, IT and general management, to compare the results.

Other than Marketing, another female dominated position, the other Management roles are still dominated by men. Eg: IT is at 1:4 female to male ratio and Finance is 1:3 female to male.

Again not all that interesting…unless you are a female in IT or Finance of course…

So let’s look at General Management and Directors. This is generally the promotion for which all of those management positions are fighting. So what’s the gender make up for these Executive positions…

Well according to the ABS, its approximately 2:8 female to male.

So it appears that there’s not a lot of HR and Marketing Managers going into General Management…or an alternative non-sarcastic view… there are limited female managers from any professional category being selected for Executive positions.

And don’t get me started about the salary parity between these management positions. Yes, good guess… Marketing and HR…are the lowest paid management positions…

I guess the stats don’t lie. As a HR professional you have a high chance of becoming a HR Manager over your male colleagues. But if you want General Management as your next step…well… the stats don’t lie…or do they???

Time for further investigating I think…I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Regardless of the stats it appears that we’re not there yet…. So Happy International Women’s Day…for this year and next.

#internationalwomensday #humanresources #genderequality

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