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Traveling…I’m talking about traveling this week.

I don’t know about you but it’s honestly what makes my world go around (well you know, other than my loved ones and my awesome clients of course).

I’m in Melbourne Australia for business this weekend and it started me thinking about what my dream job was when I was younger.

I don’t think I specifically dreamed this exactly but I did have a pretty vague plan of what I wanted to do and it included travel.

And don’t get me wrong. Having to travel to somewhere you don’t want to go on a regular basis is a bit of a drag. The kind of traveling I mean is the kind where you are traveling because you love your work and you have spare time to explore the place you’ve travelled to.

It’s not always possible true. Yet, it is possible. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all write the ideal plan for our careers AND live that career.

What would your ideal career be?

A blogger friend of mine recently asked people if they would still work if money wasn’t a concern. I was fascinated to see many people say yes they would work. They mentioned a few changes to that work though. Changes that made the work more pleasurable and much more balanced with the fun things in life.

So my question would be, what stops us from designing a career that works for us and that we’re proud of and that we love?

What really stops us?

I know for me the biggest thing that stopped me was self doubt and fear. Once I was able to just close my eyes and jump, I discovered that I could create the career I wanted! And it’s amazing.

I’m travelling for work this week and for pleasure next week.

Spending 2 weeks in Malaysia which I’m excited about and looking forward to the rest and relaxation.

Saying that I know I’ll work. I know I will and you know what? That’s more than ok because I love what I do and it’s part of my DNA.

Create the career you want. Even if you take baby steps towards it.

– Same job, different industry.
– Same industry, different job.
– full time/part time
– a extra project in an area you love
– something you do on the side that you love and get paid for
– a volunteer position to try something new
– helping a friend with something you’re good at

There are so many ways to start moving towards your perfect career.

Start thinking about it today.

“A year from now you’ll wish you started today.”

Michelle, direct from Melbourne 🙂

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