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Did you just say that procrastination is essential?

I know this is a bit of an unusual thing for someone who works with people to create action plans for successful careers to say.   Success is essential for a great life and action is essential for success.  So why the hell have I said that procrastination is essential?

Ok, here’s my argument for procrastination.

1. It reboots creativity.

You maybe distracting yourself away from study by doing that last load of washing that ‘needs’ to be done.   During this activity you start thinking about the study and how you ‘should’ (don’t you just hate the word should!) be doing it.  And what happens during this thinking…usually you realise that you know something that you didn’t realise that you know (study wise) or you discover a question that has been bubbling in the back of your mind, but not appearing or you think about the next part of the study puzzle and begin that analysis.  Perhaps you even start questioning what you have already written in your thesis.  Having a moment of procrastination distraction for your analytical brain allows your creative brain to reboot which adds value to what you were doing.

2. It gives you a sense of achievement.

This post is full of oxymorons…

When you procrastinate over something it generally involves another activity of some type.  For example, I’m writing a book at the moment and I generally park myself in a coffee shop to do it.  I just find the space a little more creative for writing.  However today when I parked, I couldn’t find my writing mojo…so procrastination took over.   I’ve answered a number of client emails, updated my Facebook posts, checked on an ad that I have running, and I’ve written this post.  Not exactly what I had planned but valuable achievements none the less.

3. It reminds you that action is even more essential.

Sometimes having a period of non-action is all it takes to make you realise that action is what you need for success.  I know myself that when I have a short period where I just ‘waste’ time I get ticked off with myself.  When there is no action I know that I’m delaying my success by this period of time.  So I generally kick back into action and usually its into over drive.  Because I wasted 20 minutes surfing on eBay I need to work double time on this post to get it finished and out.  Action is essential and swift action is even better, particular after a period of procrastination.

4. It allows the rest of the world to catch up.

When you are moving at a rapid rate of naughts, which I know you’re doing because you want success and you want to achieve great things…you by-pass the rest of the world.  Not everyone is moving at the same pace as you.  Not everyone picks things up or learns as quickly as you do.  And if you do want to have a successful career and be an inspiring leader you need people to follow you.  Slow down for a second to allow them to follow you.  It also gives you an opportunity to allow things to work out for themselves (you’ll be amazed at how many times things get sorted if you delay acting on them for a bit).  You don’t have to act on everything, allow others to catch up with you and you’ll enjoy your journey of success a whole lot more.

5. It allows you to rest.

Guess what?  Even if you are the most productive, energetic, ambitious and successful young professional out there… you still need to rest.  A little procrastination is sometimes your brain and body telling you that its time to down tools for a minute and recoup.  Sometimes listening to the procrastination and figuring out why it visited today is a good way of rethinking how you are progressing in your plan.  Sometimes a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the couch is essential for mental wellbeing…but that may be just me 🙂

Procrastination gets a bad wrap at times.  A little procrastination can actually be essential in your life…just don’t let it become your life.

Procrastinate for a minute and then ACT ……… and do it with energy and a gusto that only you can!

Stay inspiring!



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